A very compact basics tutorial tool to learn kernel - any use?

Discussion in 'Operating System' started by _eb75_, Jan 29, 2013.

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    I was tired to read 4000000 lines of Linux kernel to learn.
    I did write 1500 lines "nanokernel" for more easy learning just the basics. At least I did try to make some effort for documentation.
    It is not a full scale operating system (simulated no device drivers) at all but includes:

    • priority based scheduling- pre-empive for set of test tasks (newest version also round robin)
    • example of context-switch, interrupt handlers....
    • TLB- fault handling
    • very simplified demand paging
    • 17 system calls mainly for inter process communication (IPC)- embedded system style approach (semaphores, message passing....)
    • shared memory for IPC
    • fork call
    • ........
    Documentation and download :
    This site do not seem to support links????
    ask: isosika@live.com

    The processor can be exotic but the principles are always the same.

    Have a fun: Tuomo K


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