Comedy Show 'THE BIG BANG THEORY' Now Casting for Late January

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    "The Big Bang Theory", a primetime comedy TV show, is now casting four roles for a new episode filming in Late-January.

    This sitcom is about a pretty and sophisticated L.A. woman who lives in an apartment next door to two brilliant but geeky physicists.

    "The Big Bang Theory" stars Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco. It is being written by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and directed by Mark Sendrowski.

    The show is being produced by Mary Quigley and Faye Oshima Belyeu.

    Send emails to by January 8th for more info.



    "Wendy", any ethnicity, 20s. Wendy is an intelligent, pretty, and wholesome young woman who is out on a date with the character Rajeesh. Despite her prettiness, Wendy is often shy and withdrawn around new people. She has trouble meeting men who she genuinely connects with. She is the type of woman who will often stay home reading a book instead of going out clubbing with her friends. She has met Rajeesh from an Internet romance site, and though she is a bit tentative about the date, she is willing to give him a try. But the minute she meets him, she finds that Rajeesh is extremely nervous around her. He begins to make a fool of himself, and Wendy gets really uncomfortable. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Sandy", any ethnicity, 30s - 50s. Sandy is a polite but bland woman who has a position at an employment agency. She is not very enthusiastic about her job and looks forward to moving onto something new. She has a meeting with Sheldon to suggest some potential career positions. Sandy tries to seem interested but it's clear that she is not very concerned about helping him find a really good long-term position.


    "Doug", any ethnicity, 20s. Doug is a hard-working, honest, clean-cut waiter at a chic coffeehouse in Pasadena. He is trying to pay his way through college at Cal Tech but the job wears him out everyday. Doug serves a cup of coffee to Rajeesh, who then proceeds to ask for a glass of liquor for himself so that he can relax while he is on his date with Wendy. Doug tries to politely explain to Rajeesh that alcoholic beverages are not sold at the coffeehouse, but Rajeesh grows increasingly irate and begins complaining. Doug nearly loses his cool but manages to explain that the coffeehouse is not a bar, and finally Rajeesh stops pestering him. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Officer Hackett", Caucasian or African-American, 30s - 40s. Officer Hackett is a stern but low-key police officer with the Pasadena Police Department. He has been sent over to Leonard and Sheldon's house because a burglary was reported. Sheldon and Leonard are a bit intimidated by Officer Hacket's official tone at first, but they are happy to let him look for evidence. He examines the place thoroughly and takes notes while he is there.

    Please send photos and resumes by January 8th to for more information!


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