Closing Error Reporting (Win XP)

Discussion in 'Windows' started by vishal sharma, Jul 28, 2004.

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    by- vishal sharma

    Error reporting, what is it and why does Microsoft want you to have it on? Basically whenever your computer crashes Win XP makes a little report of what went wrong and then sends it to Microsoft so they can improve the Windows Operating System. Generally it sounds like a nice idea, but do you really want to be sending reports about your computer to Microsoft? I personally don't and they allow you to shut off this feature. Here's how you do it:

    1. Open your control panel
    2. Click on Performance and Maintenance
    3. Then click on System
    4. Go to the Advance Tab
    5. Click on the Error Reporting button at the bottom
    6. Select Disable Error Reporting
    7. Click the "But notify me when a critical error occurs"
    8. Click Ok Twice.

    You can leave out step 7, but I like my operating system to tell me when its had a major error, mainly because I can look up the cause of the error and hopefully find a solution to it on the net or at Microsoft. There you have it, error reporting to Microsoft is off and you don't have to worry about sending a report to Bill Gates.

    more later...
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    Hain Buddy
    thanks for this wonderful article.
    basically i am trying to write the simller application report error and send error report to createor.
    but, by the grace of god i found the source of that application.actually it is not application it is dll which we have to load and unload .
    sorry i forget the path of that source ,but don't worry you just mail me in this regard and i will sen dyou whole source

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