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    Time can be stated in 24 hour (Military) format. For example, 5 minutes after one o'clock in the afternoon can be stated as 13:05 hrs. If we include seconds, then 5 minutes and 24 seconds after one o'clock in the afternoon could be stated as 13:05:24 hrs.
    The range for the hour portion of the time is from 00 to 23 while for the minute and second, the range is from 00 to 59.
    Note that 00:00:00 hrs represents midnight while 12:00:00 represents noon.
    Also note that the hour, minute and second are each represented by two digits and are delimited by colons :)).

    For more information on this time format please visit this link.
    •24 hour clock


    Your program prompts for and accepts the following information:
    •the time on the first clock

    •the time on the second clock

    •the operation to perform

    ◦a plus (+) sign means add clock two to clock one giving clock three
    ■Adding clock two to clock one implies moving clock one forward by the amount of time shown on clock two.
    ◦a minus (-) sign means subtract clock two from clock one giving clock three
    ■Subtracting clock two from clock one implies moving clock one backward by the time shown on clock two.

    00:00:00 - 00:00:01 = 23:59:59 01:01:01 - 23:59:59 = 01:01:02 01:01:01 - 00:00:02 = 01:00:59 23:59:59 + 00:00:01 = 00:00:00 01:01:59 + 00:00:01 = 01:02:00 01:01:01 + 23:59:59 = 01:01:00
    You may assume that the user shall input this information correctly.

    Design your program so that it displays clock three, the result of adding or subtracting clocks.

    So far I have:

    main() {

    int hr1, min1, sec1, hr2, min2, sec2, hr3, min3, sec3, input;

    printf("Enter time one, seperated by colons: ");
    scanf("%d:%d%d", &hr1, &min1, &sec1);

    printf("Enter time two, seperated by colons: ");
    scanf("%d:%d:%d", &hr2, min2, sec2);

    printf("Enter 1 to add the two times or enter 2 to subtract the two times: ");
    scanf("%d", &input);


    and thats all i have.
    i would really appreciate any help from anyone asap


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