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Discussion in 'C++' started by humble_learner, Oct 5, 2010.

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    There is a client side component on Windows and a Server side component on Solaris, both built using C++.
    The client side component is an MBCS build application and sends character data over TCP/IP to the server side.
    With the understanding that the client side is executing in a code page 932 environment, and the user enters Japanese characters (which will be SHIFTJIS encoded), will the SOLARIS server be able to receive the characters (assuming the locale the server side is running on is ja_JP.PCK) and use the printf() command to correctly display the Japanese characters on the server side ?

    Is there a difference in the encoding values of the character set as represented by SJIS (CP 932) on the Windows side and SJIS(represented by ja_JP.PCK) on the Solaris side ?

    For designing such cross platform apps, would UTF-8 be the best way to go ? If so, why (wont there be the problem of BOM supported on some platforms and not supported in others etc. )

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