Cerberus Project : Best malware repository

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by JohnyLaCalvitie, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Hey are you a malware researcher ?

    If so, you will like the malware repository of the Cerberus Project : a very large collection of malwares from the old-school such as ProRat to the newest botnets.

    Cerberus is a project made by malware researchers in order to analyze them, it's free​

    Link of the complete version : cerberussssc7cat .onion/index.php
    Link of the version without javascript : cerberussssc7cat .onion/indexnojs.php

    Login and pass are (case sensitive): cerberus

    You should use the Tor brower Bundle in order to access it because the url is in ".onion"

    Even if we have choose cleaned version of each malwares, some backdoors can have been missed so be carefull and never analyze malwares without VM

    Don't use antivirus to analyze virus of course they will be detected and deleted, always analyze them on a virtual machine​

    Project made by French Freedom Zone, you can discover them here : ffzone4ry6efpqj3 . onion

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