Cable Series 'RAY DONOVAN' Now Casting First Season

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    "Ray Donovan", a major upcoming series from Showtime, is now casting recurring roles for its first season which begins in February.

    This drama show will be about an expert private investigator who is called upon to solve the problems of Hollywood's biggest stars whenever they get involved in a scandal.

    "Ray Donovan" will star Liev Schreiber as Detective Donovan. The series is being written and produced by Ann Biderman.

    The show will be co-produced by Mark Gordon and Bryan Zuriff for The Mark Gordon Company in association with Showtime.



    ["Ashley Rucker"], any ethnicity, 18 - Late 20s. Ashley is an attractive, emotionally-vulnerable, and famous young rock star who has an extremely devoted fan base. She has a strong crush on Ray Donovan but she is currently dating an overly controlling movie studio executive. Ashley is not in love with her boyfriend, and he is so determined to make sure that she doesn't cheat on him that he hires Ray to spy on her. Ashley might seem perfect to her fans, but she has a number of problems----she has epilepsy and refuses to take her medicine. But her biggest problem is that she is being tracked by a possibly violent fan. CO-STARRING ROLE

    ["Lena"], any ethnicity, 30s. Lena is a hard-working, driven, and focused woman who works as a detective at Ray Donovan's agency. Lena is naturally skilled at investigative work and always stays calm in stressful situations. She knows how to defuse a potential disaster and is always on her toes. Lena is an invaluable member of Ray's team and she consistently proves this on a daily basis. SERIES REGULAR

    ["Abby Donovan"], any ethnicity, 40s. Abby is a frank and honest, beautiful, and assertive woman who grew up in a working-class part of New England. She is the loyal and loving wife of Ray. Abby is having difficulty adjusting to the L.A. scene. She aspires to hang out with the film industry crowd but still feels like an outsider. Abby is also terrified that her husband could be cheating on her with one of his clients. SERIES REGULAR

    ["Deb"], any ethnicity, 50s. Deb is a cosmopolitan, stylish, and caring woman who is having an affair with a wealthy lawyer named Ezra. She has clearly been around the block in life and is too jaded about romance to be married. Deb is invited by Ezra to come to his wife's funeral, but she ends up embarrassing him when she makes derogatory comments about him during the ceremony. Deb later confides in Ray that she is worried about a recent transformation she has observed in Ezra's personality. PRINCIPLE ROLE


    ["Tommy Jenkins"], any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. Tommy is a charismatic, irreverent, Cocky, and intelligent movie star who loves to break the rules and take chances. He is mostly known for starring in action movies, though he is trying to break into other parts. Tommy is athletic and loves to work out. He is normally quite skilled at talking other people into doing almost anything. But Tommy finds himself in hot water with the press when he is caught with a prostitute, and he now must turn to Ray for help. CO-STARRING ROLE

    ["Bunchy Donovan"], Caucasian, 20s - 30s. Bunchy is a troubled, depressed, and yet sympathetic guy who has many emotional scars from a turbulent childhood. He has developed an alcohol problem, and his father has spent many years in prison. Bunchy is the younger brother of Ray Donovan. Though he does not always get along with his brother, he has a lot of respect for him. SERIES REGULAR

    ["Robert Lepecke"], any ethnicity, 30s. Robert is a shy, awkward, and emotionally-withdrawn guy with glasses who has developed a fixation on the rock star Ashley Rucker. Robert lives alone in his apartment and has limited connection to the outside world. He is not a mean-spirted guy, but he simply has trouble relating to other people. He believes that his only true love in the world is for Ashley Rucker, and he is determined to meet the pop princess at any cost. CO-STARRING ROLE

    ["Stu Feldman"], Caucasian, 30s - 40s. Stu is a high-strung, driven, and hot-tempered movie studio executive. Stu is a formidable figure in Hollywood and is responsible for greenlighting many movie productions. He is having an affair with the young rock star Ashley Rucker, and he pays Ray to keep an eye on her. Stu is later furious when he finds out that Ray actually told Ashley that Stu has been spying on her. PRINCIPLE ROLE

    ["Sean Stevens"], any ethnicity, 40s. Sean is a smart, Charming, and suave guy who happens to be a successful movie star. He is extremely stable and level-headed as far as famous actors go. He has known Ray for many years and the two of them both had their wild days in the past. But now Sean is about to become a father and is interested in settling down with his wife. He is worried that Ray's dad is going to be getting out of jail soon and might come after him for something that occurred many years ago. SERIES REGULAR

    ["Lee Drexler"], Caucasian, 50s. Drexler is a pushy, loud-mouthed, and extremely demanding lawyer who often yells at the people who work for him. He will stop at nothing to win a case, and often resorts to morally questionable tactics. Drexler often hires Ray to help his famous clients when they are in a crisis. Ray always gets the job done for him, but there is still a strong friction between the two men. RECURRING ROLE

    For casting details, send your photos and resumes to by January 12th.


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