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Discussion in 'C#' started by BinaryZombie, May 2, 2012.

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    Okay so im currently studying Certificate 4 in C# programming and im kinda stuck due to being sick for a couple weeks so im trying to catch up.

    Now my objective is to create a Program that is used for buying cars.
    Heres the run-down of the task:

    This program is to calculate the purchase cost of a motor vehicle. For each customer, enter the phone number, customer name, cost of vehicle, and value of a traded-in vehicle (if applicable). The program is to calculate and display the Sub Amount (vehicle price minus trade-in amount), GST Amount (10% of sub amount), and Final Amount (sub amount plus GST):

    • Include Save, Reset, Calculate and Exit buttons.
    • Set the Calculate button as the Form-Accept button.
    • Set the Reset button as the Form-Cancel button.
    • Add Tooltips, set Tab-Order, and include keyboard Access-Keys where appropriate.
    • Make sure the car yard name, a logo (picture), and your name are displayed on the form.

    • When the Save button is pressed, lock (disable) the customer details text boxes, and set focus to the vehicle price text box (ready for data entry).
    • When the Reset button is pressed, clear all fields and return focus to the form’s first field.
    • When the Exit button is pressed, terminate the program.
    • When the Calculate Button is pressed, calculate and display costing details of the vehicle.
    Note: Use ‘Try…Catch’ blocks of code to check that all purchase details (i.e. vehicle price and trade-in) are both decimal. If any purchase details are not valid, display an appropriate error message, select the invalid text, set focus to the appropriate text box, and exit (return) from the method (i.e. do not allow the program to attempt to calculate with invalid data…!)


    However since im so far behind im not actually sure what im meant to be doing, So i would be grateful if someone could break this down for me. I understand how to do the appearance of the form ect.. however when it comes to the coding im just having mental blanks.

    So could someone please break this down and give me a rough explanation of how i should set out the coding sequence or even a template to use. Thanks

    Sry for sounding like a noob programmer but i kinda am so yer :(

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