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Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by opieo, Jun 29, 2008.

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    Hello all,
    First of all, HELLO! first post!
    Let me just say ahead of time, sorry for coming here and droping some big questions for my first post. :wacky:

    Im hoping someone could help answere the following questions.

    I would like to build, or hire someone to build for me, a website for linking services for small businesses. The website would almost be like except you would have to register a profile weather its personal or on behalf a company. Small businesses would have the opertunity to post contracts or other services required, and others would be able to either bid on them or post replys for the company to review. Posters and bidders would have the option of keeping their profile anonymous while "posting up" and the site would also act as a directory for local business. The main goal of the website is to get local companys supporting eachother or at least present the environment to do so, especialy as the cost of transportation is skyrocketing. So my question is this, whats the best place to start? :D
    What kind of programing would be required? Is there any sourcecode available that could be implemented to cut down on time? What kind of resources (hardware) would be needed?
    Any help, feedback, ideas would be so greatly appreciated. thanks.
    p.s. I dont have any programming experience except a little html, if I was going to get familiar with web development like this, and writing apps for social networking sites where would be the best place to start. Im a fast learner, and Im ready to take on a project.
    Thanks again.
    aka. Mike
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