How to Build a Real-Time Object Detection with your own voice

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    Check out our latest video tutorial!

    In this tutorial, we show you how to create a voice-controlled object detection system using the YOLO algorithm.

    By combining object detection with speech recognition, you can create a system where you can say a word or phrase, and the system will detect the specified object in the camera frame and draw a rectangle around it.

    This hands-on tutorial is perfect for anyone interested in learning about object detection, speech recognition, or just wants to build a cool project that combines the two. You'll learn about YOLO, how to set up the necessary libraries, how to train your model, and how to use voice commands to detect specific objects in real-time.

    check out our video here:

    You can find the code in the video description.



    #Python #OpenCV #ObjectDetection #ComputerVision #googlespeechrecognition #speechrecognition #Yolo
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