Making a Browser MMORPG, Looking for a team!

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    First off, let me say thank you for reading this post. I am starting an MMORPG and I am looking for a team of dedicated individuals that are willing to join a group to put this thing together.

    If you fall into any of these category's I would love to hear from you

    A bored programmer looking for a project.
    Somebody who is willing to make some money in the future.
    A very dedicated person.
    A new programmer that is looking for team project experience.
    Somebody looking for a learning experience.
    A gamer.
    A Storyteller.
    Somebody that needs some experience in there field.
    Somebody looking for something to add to a portfolio.
    Simply interested in this idea.

    No Experience Needed!
    I am looking to make a community of developers that can help with the projects, as well as with the other developers along the learning curve of there field. This will be a learning experience for everyone involved!
    Having experience will definitely help and it would be great to hear from you, although having a ton is not necessary. Please note, some knowledge of your field will be necessary.

    What positions are available?
    I am looking for people in these areas:

    • PHP/MySQL Programmers
    • Web Designers
    • Graphic Designers
    • Story Designers

    If you are a developer or aspire to be in one of these fields please apply! Please note that some knowledge is necessary.

    How do I get in?
    Simply navigate to and fill out the application form.

    I know my field, but i don't know if I can write a game...
    Nonsense... Writing a game is nothing more than writing a web application. Just be confident, and if you don't like it don't bother! Nothing is forcing you to stick around.

    How old is this project?
    This project is under a week old! That means no code to try to figure out, no old crap to try to deal with. Start fresh with me and lets make this happen!

    So whats this game all about?
    The game will be called "Plated City". Is a MMORPG with a twist of RTS. It is a medieval based game with a great story, gameplay, and economy in mind. I am trying to keep it in this genre but that is all there is. I want the team to be able to congregate and build the game from the ground up from all aspects, including the story.

    You said money! I like money... What's up with that?
    If you want to make money, there will be a time for that. The dedicated and good developers will be able to make a portion of the websites monthly income (when that time comes). So the harder we work, The faster we update, and the better the game, the more money we can make together.

    Who are you?
    My name is Daniel, and i am a web developer. I specialize in PHP/MySQL applications and I have over 10 years if experience in my field. I have done a lot of freelance programming, and I love a frozen pizza, a cup of coffee, and a keyboard in front of me.
    My problem is I can't make this happen by myself. I need help from YOU.

    Thank You!
    Thank you for reading this post and considering joining the Plated City development team!
    Apply at and lets make this happen!

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