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    BPO stands for “Business Processing Outsourcing”. BPO is a process that allows you to hire another company and that handles activities for you. We can also say that BPO involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of particular business functions to other services provider. Actually it is
    associated with the large chain for services providers such as Famous Manufacturing firms.

    BPO can be Categorized into two types such as Back Office Outsourcing and Front Office Outsourcing. In Back Office Outsourcing internal business functions are included and in Front Office Outsourcing customer-related services are included. BPO can increase the flexibility of company. One of the most often seen disadvantage of Business Processing Outsourcing is RISK. Similarly KPO stands for knowledge Process Outsourcing. In that Knowledge related and information related work is carried out by workers in a different companies. This typically involves high value works carried out by highly skilled staff. Can anybody suggest the best BPO jobs.

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