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Get BIOS String from C-C++ in vc7 Compiler

Discussion in 'C' started by doeg, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. doeg

    doeg New Member

    Jan 21, 2009
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    I need some help:)

    I need to get BIOS ID string and Version string from a computer, running Windows XP.

    The information that I need look like those:

    Version String: MI912EF-U1C-CP1A-0808
    BIOS ID Strings: 08/08/2008-Crestline-6A79nIL9C-00, 6A79nIL9

    The both strings in red, I can see at boot time on post screen and I want to be able to get them using c or c++ code using VC7 compiler.

    Actually, what I need is current BIOS version and I successfully manage to get BIOS version, but the version that I get is not up to date. My attempt to get the BIOS version, was by using WMI and "Win32_BIOS Class", but I can't get BIOS ID string and Version string using this method. I also try to use "MSSmBios_RawSMBiosTables" to get raw BIOS data, but data that I get does not contain any information's about BIOS ID and Version string of my computer.

    I need those BIOS information's to include in a report from my application and I can't use any tool, I need to implement this functionality in my application.

    So, I'm stuck and I don't know any other methods to get those information's.

    My questions are, if you can answer to me:
    - how I can have access at those information's?
    - how I can do an memory dump from BIOS ROM?

    If is not to much to ask you to provide me, a sample c or c++ code for this issue:)

    Thank You, and I am waiting for you answer:)

  2. NewsBot

    NewsBot New Member

    Dec 2, 2008
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    Do not jump into any thread with your query and I have moved it as a new thread.

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