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    /* start code */
     function getNum(x)
         x += 3;
             return x;
         x *= 3;
         return x;
    What will the above decalred function return when called like this getNum(4); ?

    a> 9
    b> 7
    c> 21
    d> 8

    Which company first implemented the JavaScript language?

    a> Netscape Communications Corp.
    b> Microsoft Corp.
    c> Sun Microsystems Corp.
    d> Consortium of the above companies

    When was the first release of a browser supporting JavaScript?

    a> 1994
    b> 1995
    c> 1996
    d> 1997

    The original name of JavaScript was

    a> JavaScript
    b> LiveScript
    c> WireScript
    d> ECMAScript

    The JavaScript international standard is called

    a> ECMA-262 Standard
    b> DHTML JavaScript Standard
    c> JavaScript 1.3 Standard
    d> ISO-262 Standard

    Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between JavaScript and DHTML?

    a> JavaScript is DHTML plus CSS plus Document Object Model.
    b> DHTML is Document Object Model plus JavaScript plus CSS.
    c> Document Object Model is JavaScript plus DHTML plus CSS.
    d> JavaScript has nothing to do with DHTML.

    What label catches all values except those specified in “switch” statement?

    a> otherwise
    b> default
    c> any
    d> all

    How do you locate the first X in a string txt?

    a> txt.find('X');
    b> txt.locate('X');
    c> txt.indexOf('X');
    d> txt.countTo('X');

    Which of these contains an executable statement?

    a> // var a = 0; // var b = 0;
    b> /* var a = 0; // var b = 0; */
    c> /* var a = 0; */ var b = 0;
    d> // var a = 0; /* var b = 0; */

    What does ++ operator do?

    a> Adds two numbers together
    b> Joins two text strings together
    c> Adds 1 to a number
    d> Adds 2 to a number

    Which of the following does not result in a variable going out of scope?

    a> End of the block in which it was defined
    b> Start of a block in which a like named variable is defined
    c> when a function is called
    d> when the program finishes running

    Which of these is not a logical operator?

    a> &&
    b> &
    c> ||
    d> !

    What does the following statment return, Math.floor(29.36); ?

    a> 30
    b> 29.5
    c> 29
    d> 29.4

    /* start code */
     var a = ["s","a","v","e"];
    What would be the output of the above code fragment?

    a> undefined
    b> save
    c> vase
    d> s

    /* start code */
    var a = 0;
    var b = 1;
    var c = a || b;

    What does the variable c contain??

    a> 0
    b> true
    c> false
    d> null

    What would be the output of the follow statement, document.write("JavaScript ".length); ?

    a> 9
    b> 10
    c> 11
    d> null
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    Can you please tell answers for javascript codes?
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    Don't have them here or that would be the spoilers. You can have a separate thread and link to it from here.

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