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Basic Calculator

Discussion in 'C' started by Anil2447, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Anil2447

    Anil2447 Guest

    int main()
    char operator;
    int num1, num2;
    //char operation[1]={'\0'};
    printf("Enter two numbers and operator to perform calculations!...\n");
    printf("Enter the operator: ");
    printf("Enter num1: ");
    printf("Enter num2: ");

    if (operator=='+')
    printf("Sum is %d\n",num1+num2);
    else if (operator=='-')
    printf("Difference is %d\n",num1-num2);
    else if (operator=='*'){
    printf("Product is %d\n",num1*num2);
    else if(operator=='/'){
    printf("Ratio is %d\n",num1/num2);
    printf("Not given any Operation.");

    Enter two numbers and operator to perform calculations!...

    Enter the operator: +
    Enter num1: 12
    Enter num2: 13
    Sum is 25


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