How to assign File data to a Structure?

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    Here,Iam reading the File Data to a string.Now I want to store the FileData to a structure.How this is posible?pls help me to solve this.

    typedef struct _S_
         void          *data;
         struct _S_   *next;
     FILE *fp = NULL;
     //Open the File
     fp = fopen("MyFile.txt","r");
     char *buffer;
     long lSize;
     size_t result;
       fseek (fp , 0 , SEEK_END);
       lSize = ftell (fp);
      rewind (fp);
      // allocate memory to contain the whole file:
      buffer = (char*) malloc (sizeof(char)*lSize);
      if (buffer == NULL) 
       puts ("Memory error",stderr); 
       exit (2);
    // copy the file into the buffer:
       result = fread (buffer,sizeof(char),lSize,fp);
       if (result != lSize) 
        fputs ("Reading error",stderr); 
        exit (3);
    //[I]Here I want to store the buffer to the Structure[B] ( void * data)[/B][/I] 

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