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    AW DW 1324 H
    BW DW 03AF H

    AB DB 3FH
    BB DB 0A3H

    Write, compile, link,and execute under debugger code to add AW and BW, subtract AW-BW and BW-AW, ADD AB and BB and subtract AB-BB and BB-AB.
    Multiply (AW.BW), (AB.BB) as signed and unsigned numbers.Divide (AW/BW) and (BB/AB) as signed and unsinged numbers.After every arithmetic operation write down in .ASM. tile the result and values in flags C,Z,S,O. After ary division the ratio, and remainder comprise the result.
    Original .ASM
    Turn in update .ASM(with result from TD)
    also on the .LST file

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