Artificial Intellegence for Stock Prediction Software

Discussion in 'Engineering Concepts' started by concept, Jul 25, 2008.

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    I am developing stock prediction software, and i have worked on it for a long time. and it has come a long way. I am not asking for help with development, i am mainly looking for a few intelligent people to run my ideas by. and possibly get some input. So to make this clear i am not asking for any work, only suggestions, input, and to just simply get my a** kicked in the right direction.

    I have developed my own algo's and have created what i call a statistical reduction matrix. i have also implemented many different flavors of markov algos.

    The final part of everything is a massive cross referencing that has yielded very good success. but the results were not what i was expecting.

    The results were supposed to be a large reduction in pick numbers, but also a great increase in accuracy, and what actually happened did not go as planned.

    The pick numbers were increased exponentially, and also the accuracy was increased exponentially.

    I am a perfectionist, and this is not quite to the point where i would like it to be.

    If anyone one here is interested in chatting with me, more about some of the more intricacies of the algos i have developed, please contact me... i am not asking for any code development, just a conversation with a bright individual, who might bring some new ideas.

    Aim = RealCashCEO

    thanks for your time.

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