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    //class declarations
    class Account{
    private int        accNum;
    private double     balance;
      Transaction trans;
    Account(int a, double b, String f, String l){
      accNum = a;
      balance = b;
       Transaction[]trans= new Transaction[10];
    class Transaction{
    private int accNum;
    private String date;
       Transaction(int a, String d){
      accNum = a;
      date = d;
    I have two files, "accounts.txt" and "transaction.txt", I am trying to read the transaction data from the transaction file into the main Account.
    Transaction[index].trans = new Transaction(in.nextInt(),;
    index = position returned by binarysearch
    //error : Transaction cannot be located, what might the problem be? Do I use
    Account.Transaction[index].trans = new Transaction(in.nextInt(),;
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