Anti Hacking Software Are Becoming Need Of Todays Various Sectors?

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by rockaway, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Do you all know that orginally "hacker" means a very talented programmer,who is gifted to access various systems.This word has a positive aspect if we look real meaning of the word but now-a -days it has negative implicatons.Why this has happened?A word with positive meaning is now counted in the list of negative words.Why so?

    Answer to these question is the NEED and HUMAN BRAIN.The need and craze of becoming RICH and FAMOUS is the root cause of diverting such talented programmers towards such evil paths to earn fast money.These hackers are indeed a very talented brains if used in correct way can help world to solve various queries of nature.For example,We could have stopped the loss done by Tsunami.These Hackers have given Insomnias to various Banking Systems and Big Bussiness personalities.Normal thieves work and enter from outside.They can be caught and sighted by physical
    means but Hackers are the person who sitting in one corner of the world can bankrupt an account of a person having an account in the bank at the other end of the world without actually visiting the place.No security guys can stop them.

    Yes these are the modern trends of thieves which is emerging now-a-days.This much stuff must be known to many readers but How to protect our bussiness at the basic level from hacking must be a issue for many?I have shared a small piece of information in this post have a look at it.
    Mainly hackers first target the points like-

    *Low or poorly configured Web Servers
    *Old and poorly maintained softwares
    *Use of poor or default passwords
    These are the parts where we never give much heed but these things leads an open doors for Hackers.Now A Days Cell phones and ATMs and Credit Cards too are hacked.

    These all threats has increased the need of Anti Hacking Softwares for various systems in banking sectors as well as bussiness worlds.


    *Always while giving passwords use Un-Guessable Words and never use dictionary words.
    *Always try for alpha-numeric passwords.
    *Scan your system for spyware and adware with some excellent spyware programmes available now a days in markets.
    *Check for worms which can be sent through Emails and IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
    *There are some programmes like keyword trackers which do not destroy data but keeps track of each and every new keyword use and send it back to owner of programme.Trojan is one such programme and are counted in viruses so check for viruses before loading any stuff send to you through attached files via Emails.
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    The first hack ever made was by Kevin Mitnick and it was a method of free bus rides everyday, that came out of his own words so I am not sure about the talented programmer thing. Kevin Mitnick was the worlds first hacker and went on by hacking into sun microsystems, nokia, motorola and and, he was never a programmer, he just understood how the protocols and internet worked. After that high school and college kids (mainly) was very interested in this and thus hacking was made popular. These kids was called hackers, but there is a very big difference between a hacker and a cyberterrorist, take mafiaboy for instance go and google his name to see what he did, that is cyberterrorism. Hacking was a means of dicovering the unknown on sites, services, servers, programs and almost any system you can think of, be it DSTV decoder hacking, Cellphone hacking, windows hacking, internet hacking, Xbox hacking, and all types of hacks like what you will see on this site for instance . And a very good password will be something like this:

    now try to crack that, lol. Reason being is that its a mixalphanumeric-symbol combination which is very long aswell.

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