Anarchist Hackers : The Beginners With Almost Zero skills

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by parveen21, May 28, 2010.

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    These are the individuals who you should be weary of. Their sole intent on system infiltration is to cause damage or use information to create havoc. They are primarily the individuals who are responsible for the majority of system attacks against home users. They are more likely to be interested in what lies on another person’s machine for example yours.
    Mostly you’ll find that these individuals have slightly above computer skill level and consider themselves hackers. They glorify themselves on the accomplishments of others. Their idea of classing themselves as a hacker is that of acquire programs and utilities readily available on the net, use these programs with no real knowledge of how these applications work and if they manage to “break” into someone’s system class themselves as a hacker. These individuals are called “Kiddie Hackers.”
    They use these programs given to them in a malicious fashion on anyone they can infect. They have no real purpose to what they are doing except the fact of saying “Yeah! I broke into <insert name here> computer!” It gives them bragging rights to their friends.
    If there is any damage to occur in a system being broken into these individuals will accomplish it. These individuals are usually high school students. They brag about their accomplishments to their friends and try to build an image of being hackers.
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    wow that's how I was before..but seriously, we all have that period sooner or later right?
    First we get into the stuff, then we abuse the knowledge we have gotten, and then we realize we are fools for doing it, starts doing something better (like programming), and voila before you know it you're better than Bill Gates.

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