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    Position: Analytical Programmer

    Analytical Programmer positions are available at Bayser Consulting, management consulting firm dedicated to the sales & marketing analysis.

    Description: Analytical Programmer
    We are seeking individuals with outstanding programming and data analysis skills. Responsibilities include:

    1. Provide data analysis and programming expertise.
    2. Responsible for the analytical and programming part of client projects.
    3. Use existing algorithms, create new algorithms and implement them in the software.
    4. Analyze large data sets and develop new algorithms for data analysis.

    5. Apply modern data analysis techniques and statistical techniques.
    6. Implement data quality control measures.
    7. Demonstrate creative and critical thinking.
    8. Use Access, SQL Server, SAS, Excel, PowerPoint, VB, .Net, C/C++, JAVA etc. to generate deliverables.
    9. Work in team.

    10. Learn new techniques and improve current algorithms.

    1. Knowledge of all basic algorithms, ability to create new algorithms and implement them in the software.

    2. Proficient in Excel & Excel Programming (VBA), Access & Access Programming, SQL Server, web programming.
    3. Exceptional data analysis and programming skills.
    4. Thorough knowledge of Access, Excel, SQL Server, VBA and Microsoft Visual Studio.
    6. Good knowledge of theory of algorithms and databases.
    7. Experience with ASP, web-development software and web programming.
    8. Knowledge of statistics and ability to program statistical algorithms.

    9. Lots of energy, creative.
    10. Articulate, precise.

    Additional Expertise

    1. C, C++, C#
    2. VB, VBA
    3. Java, Java Script, VB Script, ASP, web programming, PHP, PHP5, Perl, DreamWeaver, Flash, etc.
    4. Knowledge of sorting algorithms, search algorithms.
    5. At least 3-5 years of programming experience

    Please send your resume to

    Company Information
    Bayser is a Chicago-based management consulting firm that specializes in sales and marketing for pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostics manufacturers. Bayser uses techniques from Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, and Marketing to analyze clients' needs, build models, and develop recommendations. Bayser is bilingual in the sense that their consultants are fluent both in the technical and business areas. The ability to bridge the gap between those two worlds is actually one of Bayser's core assets. Bayser pursues two inter-related goals. First, offer impeccable service. Second, build a sales and marketing optimization science that helps better serve clients. Bayser counts top pharmaceutical companies as clients and enjoys excellent reputation. In addition, Bayser publishes extensively in leading trade magazines.

    Bayser provides equal employment opportunity regardless of race, age, religion, color, gender, national origin, disability, marital status, weight, height, veteran status, or other classifications as required by applicable federal, state, or local law.

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