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Discussion in 'C#' started by Talikag, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Aug 28, 2010
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    Hi. I'm using Visual Studio 2010 professional and .Net framework 4.0, and I have this weird problem with ADO.NET.

    I created an OleDB database for test purposes. A dataset was automatically generated by VS, and I used it to delete/update/insert data.
    For example, here's a code I wrote to remove all the records from a table named "Departments":
               CoursesDBTableAdapters.DepartmentsTableAdapter da = new CoursesDBTableAdapters.DepartmentsTableAdapter();
                CoursesDB.DepartmentsDataTable dt = new CoursesDB.DepartmentsDataTable();
                foreach(DataRow row in dt.Select())
    It works fine. The records are indeed getting deleted. But after like a minute, when I run the program once again, the original data (the records that have been deleted) finds it's way back into the database.
    Any ideas what might cause that?

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