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    It may be easy but I need to find out the address class in order to access some information from the class.
    I have created a dialog class using the dialog from another class. This dialog is used to print a report on the screen or using a button in CrystalReport and then on the printer.
    In the constructor of the child I'm using this line in order to get the class address.
    The problem with the new class is that I'm calling the dialog from a menu. So, evan I have declared the pointer for the class, like < CTUIAmendSCdlg* p_parent; - this is the first parent
    CTuiArhivaDlg* pp_parent;> - this I want to use
    the value is for the menu called. So, when I tried to called for the information I need, I've got an error.
    My question is: How can I find out the address of my class? Or, can I find it out?

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