Adding New Users To Active Directory/LDAP Server Using A Script

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    As systems administrations/application integrations developers we always want to automate things like adding new users to the DC (Domain Controller)/Active Directory, so, here's a VBScript and Perl Script which can be used to add users, either from a uploaded CSV file, or in any way you want just by modifying a few lines. You'll understand the basic idea of how to acheive the task, for everything else there is for,while,etc.

    The VBScript reads a CSV file containing names, creates the users and sets a default password for the newly created users. This script needs to be run on the active directory itself.

     set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
     Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
     Set NamesFile = FSO.OpenTextFile("dc_users.csv", 1)
     FullName = "NoName"
     do until namesfile.AtEndOfStream
         Temp = NamesFile.ReadLine
         NamesList = Nameslist & ", " & temp
         if temp <> "" then
             Seperator = instr(Temp, ",") + 1
             Seperator2 = instr((seperator), temp, ",") - 1
             FirstName = left(Temp, Seperator - 2)
             LastName = Mid(Temp, Seperator, Seperator2 - Seperator + 1)
             userName = Left(firstname,1) & lastname
             FullName = FirstName & " " & LastName
             Set objOU = GetObject("LDAP://ou=Development,dc=Go4Expert,dc=com")
             'create user account
             Set objUser = objOU.Create("user", "cn=" & FullName)
             objUser.Put "sAMAccountName", username
    = LastName
             objUser.givenname = FirstName
             objUser.physicalDeliveryOfficeName = "MD"
             objUser.displayname = FirstName & " " & LastName
             objUser.userPrincipalName = UserName & ""
             objUser.Description = "Developer"
             'things that have to be set after account created
             objUser.ChangePassword "", "password"
             objUser.AccountDisabled = FALSE
             objUser.Put "pwdLastSet", 0
             'put in to groups if required
             Set objGroup = GetObject("LDAP://cn=Developers,dc=Go4Expert,dc=com")
             objGroup.PutEx ADS_PROPERTY_APPEND, "member", Array("cn=" & FullName & ",ou=Development,dc=Go4Expert,dc=com")
         end if
    The Perl script uses an all-together different approach, for those who don't know, active directory also works like a LDAP server, so you can connect to it using LDAP and do you stuff! :) This script can be used to connect to the Active Directory from a different server/remote location to create the new user. You can modify the code to read a CSV file, like the VBScript example above.

     use Net::LDAPS;
     $Ad = Net::LDAPS->new("", version => 3, port => 636) or die("failed $!");
     print "Failed connecting" if(!$Ad);
     ## bind as an admin or someone who has privileges to create an user
     $b = $Ad->bind(dn => 'cn=Admin,cn=Developers,dc=Go4Expert,dc=com', password => 'adminzhsh') or die("failed $!; ".$b->error);
     $result = $ldap->add( 'cn=Developers,dc=Go4Expert,dc=com',
                            attr => [
                              'cn'   => 'Shabbir Bhimani',
                              'sn'   => 'Bhimani',
                              'mail' => 'shabbir @',
                              'objectclass' => ['top', 'person','organizationalPerson','inetOrgPerson' ]]
     $result->code && warn "failed to add entry: ", $result->error ;

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