how do you make a add, edit and delete forms

Discussion in 'PHP' started by ronny22, Sep 3, 2009.

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    hi everyone

    please is the anyone who can show me how to make a add, edit and a delete forms

    my database is called gamelist
    on my database i have products table
    which has
    id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    `title` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    `body` text NOT NULL,
    `price` decimal(8,0) NOT NULL,
    `image` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
    `stock` int(11) NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

    what i wished to do is be able to
    add to this table
    edit to this table
    and also be able to delete form this table
    but but forms

    so if i had form that allows me to input in to table it be great
    i have an idea how the add can be made but no idea how
    i can make an edit form
    because for the edit form i would like to see the title the body (which is a description of the item on my website) the price the image and the stock

    so then i can edit and update it

    and i have no idea how i can make an delete
    i mean i have some kind of idea where i can show all product titles on screen and have a delete button next to it so i can delete it

    IF the is someone who can show me how to make this please help :embarasse
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