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    I have this memory
    06, 90, F3, 21, 99, F3, 36, B0, AF, 32, 6F, E5, 36, CD, C9, 00, 31, 00, FF, CD, 90, F3

    the task is to disassembly and then run from F3A0 address on 8085.
    After disassembly

    MIV B 90 move 90 to reg B
    DI disable interupts
    LXI H F399 Load F399 to HL reg pair
    MVI M B0 move B0 to mem pointed by HL
    XRA A logical XOR Accum with reg A
    STA E56F store accum to mem E56F
    MVI M CD move CD to mem pointed by HL reg pair
    RET return ??

    now here is the problem I get an error that the SP in not defined. Is that correct or I have made a mistake at disassembly the hex code???????///

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