7th BME International 24-hour Programming Contest

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    We are proud to announce the

    7th BME International 24-hour Programming Contest!

    Three people - one team. Three bodies - one mind, competing for victory. This contest is the test of creativity, knowledge, co-operation and persistence. An EXTREME CHALLENGE!

    Here is your chance to measure your capabilities, to compare yourselves to other programming teams!

    All you have to do to compete for the great prizes is to form a team and enter the contest!
    (Free of charge, no registration fee!)

    The Electrical Engineering Students' Hungarian Association and the Simonyi College for
    Advanced Studies are proud to announce the 7th BME International 24-hour Programming Contest held from 4th to 6th May 2007.

    Have you missed the first six editions? Now, it is time to join the adventure!

    Application is accepted by groups consisting of three participants from any country. In the first, qualifying round, teams are to solve problems announced on the Internet on 3rd of March, 2007. The best teams will be invited to Budapest, Hungary, where they will have to complete a single but very complex task. Participants are allowed to use their own computers without any restrictions to operating system, development tools or programming platform.

    The total value of the awards is over 5000 EUR!

    The problems you are about to face on this contest, include algorithm theory, information and coding theory, artificial intelligence, computer networks and many more - mixed together to form an exciting, complex task that requires creativity, knowledge and teamwork to solve.

    Check out our official webpage for more information on the problem sets and on the contest itself; fill in the application form, browse the photo gallery, read the articles about the event!

    If you are not afraid of eXtreme Challenges...

    Best regards,
    The Organizers

    Registration deadline: 23rd of February 2007
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