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Discussion in 'Game programming' started by weebo123, Oct 21, 2011.

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    I have recently decided to do some Android Game Development using Java. However I am having the below issue:

    I am looking at creating a 2D birdseye view of a map where the user is basically working there way through it.

    Is there a way that I can create the whole map in 1 go and store it somewhere. Then simply only display a certain section of that map during gameplay.
    e.g map size =100 x 100 but user can only ever see 5x5 (which is zoomed tin to use up 70% of the screen).

    I am thinking of using a 2d java array of bitmaps and using this array to draw onto a canvas. However, I am not entirly sure how to do this, as i would also like that every time the player moves their character forward a step, the next section of the canvas is drawn (always 5 x 5 regardless of whether they go left, right, straight or back).

    Any help as to how I could go about doing this would be much appreciated.


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