16 bit multiplication in 8085

Discussion in 'Assembly Language Programming (ALP) Forum' started by jcrajan00, Feb 7, 2008.

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    hi I wrote this program for my lab class but didn't get it right and also I couldn't figure out the problem.. WhenI try it in a simulator I get the right answer for FFFF*FFFF , for other few no.s I get the the lower order bit correct I don't know where I am wrong..

    	LXI B, 0000H
    	LHLD 8000H
    	LHLD 8002H
    	DCX D
    L006:	LDA 8002H
    	ADD L
    	MOV L, A
    	LDA 8003H
    	ADC H
    	MOV H, A
    	JNC L013
    L013:	INX B
    	DCX D
    	MOV A, D
    	ORA E
    	JNZ L006
    	SHLD 8006H
    	MOV L, C
    	MOV H, B
    	SHLD 8004H
    Waiting for an reply..

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