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Discussion in 'Gadget Analysis' started by vishal sharma, Jul 27, 2004.

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    The Simmtronics USB Flash drive is very light, and is among the thinnest we've tested so far measuring just 10.3 millimetres, or less than half an inch. Despite its size, the build quality is good.

    The installation was simple and was immediately detected in both Windows XP and Windows 98, but needed the driver CD for proper installation in 98. For data protection, the drive only features a physical write-protection switch, and lacks a software password-locking tool. In fact, besides the driver CD, the package only includes a carry strap and a short extension cable.

    We ran Drive Benchmark from the Sisoft Sandra 2004, to gauge the theoretical transfer speeds. The sequential write speed of 923 KBps reported was the highest we have ever logged for a USB Flash drive. The CPU utilisation, as reported in HDTach, was very low. In the real world tests too, the drive turned in an excellent performance in the assorted write test with a high data transfer speed of 1.47 MBps.
    The Simmtronics USB PnP Flash drive is a good deal for just Rs 3,000, you get amazing performance.

    Specifications: USB 1.1, 128 MB capacity, physical dimensions 73.6 x 24 x 10.3 mm, carry strap, extension cable

    more later....
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    sorry, it may post in new thread...
    basically the flash drive have 128 MB on capacity (written), but when i explore it...
    sometimes i just found 122 - 125 MB to store the datas
    so it's not 'really exactly' 128 MB on it, is it?
    what's the problem? does it have a file system?

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