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    Michael Dunlop mentioned in one of his articles that 90% of his traffic came from Twitter, and that each month he received 100,000 visitors to his website from twitter!

    I want to explain the tools you can use to achieve these same results.

    There are two main types of tools you need to drive massive amounts of twitter traffic to your website each and every month.

    Tweet Adder

    Tweet Adder is the first tool you will need. Tweet Adder allows you to add as 1,000 followers a day.

    A tip to increase your exposure would be to add followers of someone famous in your industry. To do this, go to a profile and click on followers. On the top left will be a box that says “Add All Followers.” After clicking this button, it should add a follower every 2 seconds.

    On Twitter, you can only add 1000 followers a day. You can use this tool everyday until you have as many followers as you need.

    Twitter Mutuality

    Twitter mutuality is the second tool you can use to increase twitter followers. This tool removes followers you are following that aren’t following you back. This way, you will have more room to follow people that will give you a better return! If everyone you added did the same to you, then you can add a max of 1,000 followers a day!


    With UnTweeps you can remove followers who have remained inactive for a certain amount of days. The days are up to you!


    Twollow will allow you to delete anyone you are following up to 2,000 people at a time. It is useful if you want to delete mass loads people you are following.

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