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    Hi all!
    You all might have the question that is why the title is like "real twitter followers" because we want engagement on the twitter account, not just a count. So let's began with tips for getting real twitter followers:

    Follow Influencers First:
    You may have a doubt why to follow influencers as we know that they will not follow you back or very less chance of that but the point is new user find the followers of the influencers and follow them.
    And new users tend to follow the followers of influencers to simply improve their count of followers. So in that way, it will be helpful to you.
    You can also use the automation tools like Tweepy, ManageFlitter etc to find and follow influencer’s followers. If users don't matter to you that few people just want twitter follower count they don't need if the follower real or fake id for such user I have written a blog that is
    Secrets To Get Over 6K Twitter Followers In A Month.
    If you need real followers you should not use automation follow user manually and use the tips as I describe below.
    Try to Make Your Twitter Profile More Attractive
    Your Twitter id will make or break your Twitter account success. To create a captivating twitter header image 1500 x 1500 size with perfect fit by using your website links. You should great bio with link for your site and proper #(hashtags)
    Also, use your picture so that others will know who you are.

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