Yo mama

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    Yo mama's so fat, she's got more chins than a Hong Kong phonebook

    Yo mama's so fat that when she sees a school bus she yells, "Stop that Twinkie!"

    Yo mama's so ugly, she made a blind kid cry

    Yo' mama so stupid, she walked into an antique shop and asked "What's new?"

    Yo Mama is so fat, that when she dances, the band skips!

    Your mama's cooking is so bad, that the flies pitched in to fix the screen door

    Yo' mama's lips so big, she can whisper in her own ear

    Your mama's like a roller coaster...she has her ups, she has her downs and 20 people or more can ride her at the same time!

    Your mama's so ugly, she laid down to take a beauty nap and slipped into a coma

    Yo mama is so fat, her picture fell off the wall!

    Yo' mama so fat, people exercise by doing laps 'round her!

    Yo' Mama is so stupid, she has a glass door with a peephole

    Yo' Mama is so stupid, she thought fruit punch was a gay boxer

    You''re so ugly, when yo'' mama dropped you off at school, she got a ticket for littering!
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    Yo mama so short she poses for trophies!

    Yo mama so short you can see her feet on her drivers lisence!

    Yo mama so short she has to use a ladder to pick up a dime.

    Yo mama so short she can play handball on the curb.

    Yo mama so short she does backflips under the bed.

    Yo mama so short she models for trophys.

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