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Wow for riots in Bobai China against brutal 'one-child' blitz!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 燕山剑, May 29, 2007.

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    May 31, 2007
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    "Many women have been forced to have abortions. Authorities are going into their homes and destroying their homes to implement the policy," said a woman in Bobai county.

    People here said, birth control bureaucrats showed up in a half-dozen towns with sledgehammers and threatened to knock holes in the homes of people who had failed to pay fines imposed for having more than one child. Other family planning officials, backed by hired toughs, pushed their way into businesses owned by parents of more than one child and confiscated everything from sacks of rice to color televisions, they said.

    Bobai was at the heart of riots that erupted late last week across Guangxi region and saw thousands of people take to the streets in anger against local authorities' efforts to enforce China's so-called "one-child policy".

    据香港苹果日报报导,因当地官员暴力执行「计划生育」(一胎化)政策引发的 广西博白县多个乡镇大规模抗暴政事件。从本月17日开始事件波及博白县多个乡镇,愤怒的村民放火焚烧乡镇政 府计生站的办公室,亦砸烧汽车、电单车等物。20日博白当局紧急从邻近的贵港、北流和容县等地调来大批警力 ,到各乡镇控制局面 。

    据当地人士说,有村镇政府请无业者当「工作队」,见到妇女便拉去做绝育手术 ,「不见人要见物,不见物就拆屋 」,拿不走的就砸烂,米缸里撒沙。谭连镇一名中学女生和一名50岁妇人也被 拉去做手术,造成多宗家破人亡事 件。

    居民陈先生指,「现在整个博白县的街道上,到处都贴满了写『打倒苏建中(博 白县县委书记)、枪毙黄少明(博 白县县长)』的标语,农民真的被逼得火了。」

    目前,博白全城外弛内张,街头一带警车里藏有大批公安,县政府二百米开外就 有大批便衣公安,更有各部门官员 在街头值班,防止民众上访。

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