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    The advance of hell and of absolute chaos was the theme of Overlord1. This theme continues in this sequel, where you must assume the role of a boy called "overlade" armed and ready to conquer the world.

    The story continues from where he had been left in the first episode. In this sequel play impersonificando overlade, the heir of Overlord in the first game. The boy had been abducted by the "Glorious Empire" (Empire glorious), a company of Romans and was taken away in the mountains of Nordberg. Hell is preparing for a revenge and he now needs to regain the land and stop the new rule from destroying everything and bad magic.

    The game is similar to the first of its controlled Overlord tirapiedi (his faithful servants) and sent them to do his work. In this sequel the Minion (tirapiedi) improve their artificial intelligence and can do more things. They can also help with the heavy artillery. Depending on their color, they can climb mountains or jump from the mountains: in this way have access to an area inaccessible by foot. You can also give names to your Minion, And your favorite Minion dies, you can do to revive the cemetery of Minion.

    Apart from the Minion, pass through a majestic and peaceful land where fairies and elves live. Meet even human slaves that you can release in exchange for asking him to join your army and help Minion during attacks on enemies.

    Just like its predecessor, this game does not disappoint and will keep your interest alive till the end.

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