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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by unni krishnan.r, Oct 7, 2022.

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    There is a feeling when we come back to our Schools after settling down. I had almost similar feeling when I visited the site after so long. Its been a decade right?.
    This space made me love computers and pursued me to learn more about them.

    It was may/june of 2010 when we took a broadband internet connection at our home, As a kid I was wondered by the world of Internet and somehow I came to this place. At that time, In needed of friends and a solid online presence tried various things like making blogs, making accounts in multiple social networking sites ect (oh Orkut! I miss you). As an Attention seeker myself I spammed my links at various websites blogs, Forums you name it,I was everywhere. I think @shabbir have banned me multiple times (I cringe on thinking the time). But somewhere I have loved the essence of this forum, A place where people come to build,learn and have the fun and It made me love the web, it made me love computers and made me pursue my career in the same.

    In the span of 10 years I have learned a lot, Graduated, Got job, left job. Multiple heartbreak but the passion for coding and building remains the same.

    ps: I was cringing on the time when I was a school boy who doesn't even know English and posting bullshit things in this forum testing the moderators patience

    Thank you g4ef <3
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