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    New driverless hardware key allows secured access through USB

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    Canada – SecuTech Solution Inc is shipping a new driverless USB plug that functions as a hardware version of a password, allowing users to access locked software and decrypt software licenses.
    “UniKey, the Driverless dongle, reduces the huge work of technical support team for software vendors.
    Unikey has the lowest industry failure rates in the industry which is guaranteed with lifetime warranty.
    Unikey technical support team earns the highest rating of customer satisfaction in the industry.
    Unikey products cost about 50% less than others. “, said Michelle Law, director of worldwide marketing of SecuTech.

    The UniKey USB keys work with Macs and PCs, SecuTech executives said. The devices are designed for software developers want to protect their products from piracy.
    Using a toolkit from Unikey SDK, developers can set up a shell around a program, so that it can only be accessed when a specific dongle is plugged into the machine. Similar devices exists which use the parallel port, but the USB systems should be easier to use, Michelle.said.
    The devices can also be used to authorize a license over the Internet. For example, if a user receives a trial version of software and wants to buy it, they can go to a Web site and have a license sent over the Internet onto the USB device. Users can currently obtain licenses over the Internet, but the advantage of a hardware-based system is that it lets developers protect their software after the license has been delivered, Michelle said.
    While the devices are currently aimed at the developers market, Michelle said they could also be used by network administrators as authentication systems, allowing users access to the network or to specific software on a corporate network.
    The software toolkit is free for all technical Engineers.
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    wrong forum

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