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    1. Linking to or providing the URL of pages containing explicit, obscene or vulgar language or images is not allowed. This means that adult websites as a samples to your code cannot be be sold at CFanatic.

    2. Sellers may link to the site having the full summary of features they are selling but it should be with the option of summary posted at CFanatic and read more option should lead to complete set of features.

    3. Sellers must ensure that their softwares / application are in the correct category mentioning in the subject line, according to what they are selling.

    4. If there is a change in the price of the code and as user is not allowed to modify the posts after certain point in time you should notify the admin/mod to do the editing.

    5. Sellers may not create a thread here if they have no intention of selling (for example, if they only want a valuation).

    6. The seller may sell more than one code / samples in a single thread, but the items must be sold together as a package.

    7. CFanatic does not act as a mediator for the money exchange is not responsible by any means for the deals
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