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Recruit web programmers/Designers

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by jaloxin, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. jaloxin

    jaloxin New Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Dear Programmers / Designers ,

    We Are a Start Up Website Is Unique the First HQ based On Morocco Marrakech .
    We Are Looking For Onside Programmers and Designers with The Following Information , If you Are a Team with Team leader Cool Send Us your Resume or if you individual Is also Great , We have :

    HQ Map :

    -Development place
    -Game place
    -Swimming pool
    -Place To sleep
    -Food & Drinks
    -and Many More ...

    We need The programmers with the following skills :

    -A to Z capabilities in the development of web platforms, applications, and websites.
    -Substantial experience in building AJAX web applications;
    -Portfolio showing both client-side and server-side programming work;
    -C/C++, Java, Javascript and general coding capabilities (i.e. dhtml/xml/css etc.) in either PHP or .NET environments (PHP prefered)
    -Experience with any of the following is an advantage:
    FBML/Open Social or any other social networking coding environments, Python, E-commerce, Mobile Web, Desktop application programming.
    -Web Interface Graphic Designer .

    -How to apply ?

    Please Answer This Following Questions and Send Them To This Email : Jaloxin@gmail.com with the following Title ([Apply]Job ) .

    So after answering The above Questions , We shortly Replied To you , Thanks .:)

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