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    Before you make a post about your queries or share your knowledge use the following tips
    1) Try a search. See if your problem is answered Advance search

    2) Use a descriptive thread title. Use the title as descriptive as possible. This has 2 advantages one experts can find you easily and second if your query is answered other people searching similar can find it easily.

    3) Describe the problem. Provide as much details as possible.

    4) Post the code. - If the code requires input, give some example input. If the problem is that the output is wrong, show the output you got from the program when you gave it the above input, and show what is wrong with the output and what you expected to see.

    5) Limit the amount of code. Post code where you have difficulty and not an entire programs.

    6) Write clean code. Format you code properly and comment it so it's easier for others to follow.

    7) Use code tags. Use the appropriate code tag (e.g. [ php][/php ] and [ code][/code ]) to make your code easier to read. See BB Code Section for
       8) [b]Always preview.[/b] 
       9) [B]No Spam[/B] Dont just spam the forums with the links to your site. If you think your site is very much helpful to the userbase of cfanatic try getting your site into the Sticky thread on the top of each forum where the resources to the section can be found.
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