What do people use for a ToDo list manager?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by xpi0t0s, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Well I'm giving up on Mylyn after trying to merge two repositories and having it insist that two different tasks are duplicates of each other. Mylyn isn't really what I wanted anyway but it's the closest I've tried.

    What I'm after is a list manager that lists tasks in the order *I* want them listed in, has subtasks, can handle repeating tasks easily (preferably as the same task on repeating dates), has lots of flexibility for handling repeating events, has plenty of space for typing in notes, manages priority items, and doesn't require 57 Terabytes of Apache server installed just to handle this lot, which lets be honest isn't really all that much.

    And it needs to work on Windows. I've tried Linux, really I have, but every flaming thing you want to do takes about 8 hours of reading HOWTOs that were written for Slackware pre-alpha version and haven't been updated for at least 200 years when on Windows it Just Works.

    These requirements seem to rule out everything out there. But maybe someone knows a list manager that fits these requirements, or at least that comes reasonably close?
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    There are 3 things

    1. If you are using Vista you have a Notes manager under gadgets.
    2. If you are using Google Desktop they also have similar things.


    Get NoteZilla which I use for using ToDo Management.

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