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password program were cmp not working

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by panthera, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. panthera

    panthera New Member

    Mar 13, 2012
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    data segment
    msg1  db 0ah,0dh,'Enter the password : $',0ah,0dh
    msg2  db 0ah,0dh,'Re-enter password : $',0ah,0dh
    msg3  db 0ah,0dh,'Logging Successful $',0ah,0dh
    msg4  db 0ah,0dh,'Password wrong $',0ah,0dh
    msg5  db 0ah,0dh,'Password wrongc $',0ah,0dh
    a db 10 (?)
    b db 10 (?)
    countz db ?
    data ends
    assume cs:code,ds:data
    code segment
    mov ax,data
    mov ds,ax
    mov ah,09h
    mov dx,offset msg1
    int 21h
    mov di,offset a
    mov si,offset b
    loop1: mov ah,08h
                int 21h
                cmp al,0dh
                je loop2
                mov [di],al
                inc di
                inc cl
                jmp loop1
    loop2: mov ah,09h
                mov dx,offset msg2
                 int 21h
                 jmp loop3
    loop3: mov ah,08h
                int 21h
                cmp al,0dh
                je check0
                mov [si],al
                inc si
                inc ch
                jmp loop3
    check0: mov di,offset a
                   mov si,offset b
                   ;mov bl,di
                   ;mov al,si
                    mov countz,ch
                   cmp cl,countz
                   je check
                   ;mov cl,ch
                   jmp fail1
    check : mov cl,ch
                  jmp check1
    check1: cmp cl,0dh
                   jge pass
                   mov bl,[di]
                   mov bh,[si]
                   cmp bl,bh
                   jne fail1
                   inc di
                   inc si
                   dec cl
                   jmp check1
    pass: mov ah,09h
               mov dx,offset msg3
               int 21h
               jmp last
    fail: mov ah,09h
               mov dx,offset msg4
               int 21h
               jmp last
    fail1: mov ah,09h
               mov dx,offset msg5
               int 21h
               jmp last
    last: mov ah,4ch
             int 21h
             code ends
             end start
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