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[JOB] Linux Kernel Engineer, Mountain View, CA - Relo/H1B OK

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by beaucmp, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Nov 4, 2008
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    *** Candidates interested in relocating to the Mountain View, CA area encouraged to apply. Relocation expenses covered.
    *** H1B visa holders OK to apply - Our client will transfer. You must reside in the USA.

    Candidates who either work or have worked at any of these companies are highly desired: Akamai, Bluecoat, NTAP, Cacheflow, Xensource, KDM, Tentoe. Inktomi, Netscape (server-side), and any Akamai CDN competitor (Speedera, Netli, etc.)

    Our Mountain View, CA client is the leader in memory virtualization software. The company's platform eliminates application bottlenecks associated with memory, and transforms memory into a shared, networked resource available to servers in the data center. Their products scale across commodity hardware, take advantage of existing data center equipment, and are implemented without application changes to deliver unmatched performance.

    The Linux Kernel Engineer will be responsible for developing product capabilities in the areas of I/O subsystem and drivers, file systems, device drivers, file data related memory management, as well as associated user space tools and utilities.

    Basic Qualifications:
    * Education: Masters Degree in Computer Science
    * Overall Experience: 2-5 years or equivalent experience
    * 2 years of experience in Kernel development, preferably Linux
    * Fluency in C is expected, as are solid written and verbal communications skills
    * Kernel-level expertise in the implementation of Linux Device Drivers and File systems

    Desired Qualifications:
    * Deep knowledge in the design, implementation of Kernels and Operating Systems
    * Deep understanding of Linux Kernels Virtual memory, Storage/File and I/O subsystems
    * Development Experience on a contemporary Linux-2.6 Kernel is a must

    To be considered, please submit your resume along with your salary requirements to bg @ capitalmarketsp.com

    Beau Gould
    Executive Advisor
    Capital Markets Placement
    bg @ capitalmarketsp.com

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