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[JOB] Engineering Lead, San Francisco - 150-250k

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by beaucmp, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. beaucmp

    beaucmp New Member

    Nov 4, 2008
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    Job Title: Engineering Lead
    Location: San Francisco - Relocation assistance provided
    Duration: Full Time/Permanent
    Salary: 150-250k DOE

    Our client is home to a new type of search that makes it easy to find subjective information. Starting in early 2008 the company raised seed financing from a number of premier angel investors and carefully grew a high-caliber engineering team. Today, the company includes founders from more than a half-dozen successful startups, including Google, four AI Ph.D.s, and engineers from Silicon Valley's major technology companies.

    The Engineering Lead is a careful implementer who is curious about how things work. S/he leans on large levers to get more done, faster, and enjoys applying new tools to the new opportunities afforded by today's web. S/he endeavors to solve real-world problems for real people (including the rest of the company), and isn't afraid to think big. They are looking for a strong engineering lead with impeccable technical chops and a willingness to manage a growing team.

    General requirements:

    * Graduate degree or PhD preferably in CS or closely related field, from a leading institution
    * 5+ years of solid individual contributions to significant, interesting, new, or important projects
    * 5+ years of leadership experience in leading both technical teams and managing engineering organizations. Their ideal candidate has both because on the software engineering side they will likely transition from individual contributor to team leader to organization manager
    * Startup experience: at least one (preferably more) significant startup company / project experiences building an organization and wearing the many planning, mentoring, nurturing, and envisioning hats that are necessary at the early stage
    * Proven experience related to what we're doing: search engines, information retrieval, web servers, distributed systems, social networking, consumer web properties, large-scale IM networks
    * Excited to come in as an individual contributor and grow into the leadership role as the company matures
    * Very technical, down-to-earth, and not title-hungry
    * Some web experience required (scripting, widgets, browsers, web servers, etc)
    * Affinity for rapid prototyping
    * Flexibility when faced with complex challenges
    * Strong Linux experience required

    To be considered, please submit your resume along with your salary requirements to bg @ capitalmarketsp.com
  2. mavji

    mavji New Member

    Oct 26, 2010
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    Hi Beau,

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