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    I am Patrick Van Dun, founder and CEO of IT Outsourcing Asia. In Kathmandu, Nepal, I work with an IT Team of web and software developers, SEO consultants and designers. With this team we manage IT projects for our European, American and Australian customers.
    Before starting up IT Outsourcing Asia, I worked as:

    *COO in a Nepali IT Offshore Outsourcing Company
    *Business & Development Manager for Roularta Media Group in Belgium
    *Content Manager for Corelio Media Group in Belgium -
    * E-Marketing Consultant and Account Manager for TradeDoubler Affiliate Marketing
    *Marketing, Project, Sales & Channel Manager for various IT Companies in Europe

    My focus points at Revenue Generating Solutions in Marketing, Project Management and Software solutions and I'm a commercial, creative and sales driven person who goes for challenges. Due to experiences in different companies, I’ve strengthened my organizational skills and empathy. My belief is that the human factor is one of the most important success factors to get everything done, in all cases.

    In my previous jobs, I gained experience in working with employees, partners and clients in Europe (Belgium, Holland, Spain), Asia and Latin America and across Europe for Affiliate Marketing and other Internet Marketing initiatives.

    *Multi Lingual: Dutch - Mother tongue, English, French, German, Spanish and basic Portuguese

    IT Offshore Manager with experience in:

    *Internet Marketing and Marketing in general,
    *Automation Processes in small and large enterprises by using Internet and not Internet based software,
    *Integrating of new software applications in existing infrastructures and databases recognizing that the acceptance of the employees is the most important factor of a successful software integration.

    Open Source Addict:

    *Experience with different Open Source Software,
    *Project Management and managing programmers, designers and e-marketers in on and offshore companies to ensure affordable software applications built within a short throughput time ready to use in a multilingual environment.
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    We do not allow self promotion in posts but I would classify this as Introduction more than self promotion but do not create this over and over again

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