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    Hey, it's time for G4EF Newsletter!

    Newsletter is compiled from G4EF content based on forum activity in the previous month.

    -:Recent Articles:-

    How to prevent your class getting inherited
    Hide/Show and Toggle DIV usng JavaScript
    Cross Delegation or Delegate to a sister class
    Flicker Free Image Button Rollovers
    Robots.txt Files


    Some members promoted to next level -
    xpi0t0s promoted as Leader and many other as Experts

    Go4Expert.com upgraded the server once again and so would like to know if you experience the faster go4expert.com experience

    -:Article Competition:-

    Official Nomination thread -
    Nomination for article of the month for January 2009


    We have had the following activity last month

    + 3,206 New Members
    + 319 New Threads and Articles ( combined )
    + 1,287 New Posts and comments



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