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    I need to design a web site that has the following features and categories; -Categories:
    1- Game room: sub categories; board game etc….
    2- Meet people and friends; something people can create account add pictures, exchange messages. People can search their friends through a gallery format.
    3- Community: People can post activities around the Lycee Henry with pictures.
    -Sub categories:
    I will elaborate more on the subcategories. -Features
    1- User is able: Create account Login FAQ The website must be searcheable All categories with pictures Item or people are able to post/add items with picture. At the front page I would like to be able to upload pictures and change the main pictures.
    2- Administrator: Overseeing and help with account issues. ​
    4- Language: the expert can choose any language.
    5- Due Date: Before January 4th
    6- Price Range: 0- 150 usd.
    7- Note: A well details make file that explain everything.

    Fee I can offer for this is over $100

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