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    I hope to follow the guidelines here and if not please do let me know.

    Hello to all experts I am working on a coursework and I need help in the following: Four Benchmark test running on ALL of selected products, these benchmarks are: 1) Insertion (1,000 & 25,000) Records into an indexed table 2) Update (1,000 & 25,000) Records with an indexe 3) Select (1,000 & 25,000) Records with an indexe 4) Delete (1,000 & 25,000) Records with an indexe And the products are: 1) MySQL 2) PostgreSQL 3) SQLite 4) Firebird 5) Oracle or SQL Server I'm NOT looking for copy & paste from web, I'm looking for an expert that would perform the tests for me. I'm also looking to receive screenshot and a guide of how these test are done. Please only contact me if you know for 100% that you understand what I am asking and you can deliver that for me, When you contact me please tell me: 1) How much time do you need? 2) Cost! The messeges without the above details will be ignored. Thanks for your time, I'm looking forward to work with you

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