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    There is a C++ Framework project introduced by Firmdev recently. It helps C++ developers make their applications faster and more convenient, concentrating on program's algorithms rather than routine operations. The framework is cross-platform and supports Windows and Linux operating systems. This means that you write the code once and the program will work on both Windows and Linux.

    General features:
    - Fundamental C++ components like dynamic arrays
    - System threads, processes
    - Sockets and network protocols such as HTTP and FTP
    - Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite are supported)
    - Images converting (BMP and JPEG are supported)

    The project is often updated so do not be surprised when the features you were just dreaming about are already included there.

    Consider a simple example of echo server:
    #include <ff0.h> //include Firm Framework
    int main()
        using namespace FF;
        using namespace FF::Net;
        Sock lsock //listening socket
            , sock; //client socket
        //create socket, bind and start the listening to on 12345 port
            Err::print(); //print the last error description
            return 1;
        Base::Str str;
        while(lsock.Accept(&sock)) //accept a client
            sock.WriteLnUTF8(L"Welcome to the ECHO server! "
                              L"Type a string to receive it back or type 'quit' to disconnect.");
            while(sock.ReadLnUTF8(&str)) //read line from the client
                str.Chop(); //trim 'end-of-line' characters
                if(str == L"quit" //disconnect if 'quit' has been received
                    || !sock.WriteLnUTF8(str) //send the line back to the client
        return 0;
    System sockets are used here for communication. The messages are in UTF-8 encodiing. Check out the full version of the article called 'Sockets in FF' <>.

    Firm Framework version 0.4 has been released on April 9, new features and improvements make your development process even easier and more convenient.

    Firm Framework is offered under 2 licensing options:
    1. Non-commercial license. If your software is non-profit, use Firm Framework for free!
    2. Commercial license. If you are making commercial software, buy the license. Updates and technical support are included for a 1 year period.

    Read more about Firm Framework on <>.
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    Nice information thanks for dhare it.
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    Hey Guys,
    Take some time to read about QT. It is also a cross platform C++ dev tool. It being used by Nokia and they have open sourced it. This is the link :
    Hope this will help.

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